Stockholm Pride 2014

More than half a million people and a dead king can’t be wrong: Stockholm Pride is a perfect celebration of LGBT culture.

The festivals mix of party, politics and culture turns this summer hot capital into a bustling city painted in the colours of the rainbow flag. Since it was first held in 1998, Stockholm Pride has grown to become Stockholm’s largest annual festival, as well as the largest Pride celebration in Scandinavia.

The week-long festival culminates in the annual Stockholm Pride parade with more than 50,000 participants and more than 500,000 spectators who gather to watch the procession of Viking Bears and butches, boy toys and drag queens, gay Christians and gay policemen … you name it!

And the aforementioned dead king? Well, the extravagant king Gustav III (1746-1792) would have loved the parade, which is why it stops at his statue, located below the Royal Palace, and lays a wreath of flowers at his feet.

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