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The Royal Palace in Stockholm

For some, the idea of Swedish history still conjures up images of rugged Vikings. But that’s just a tiny part of Stockholm’s fascinating and colorful – and yes, even gay – past.
The best place to start exploring is the place where Stockholm itself began, its beautifully preserved Old Town of Gamla Stan. Here you’ll find Sweden’s magnificent Royal Palace, which has seen its fair share of gaiety through the years. In fact, the very first king to grow up here in the 18th century, Gustav III, enjoyed extremely close bonds with at least two of his handsome male courtiers. Later, in the 1930s, King Gustaf V became enmeshed in a gay blackmail scandal. Today, the grand 600-room palace is ceremonially protected by cute but stoic guards, and partially open for guided tours. Don’t miss Gustav III’s Museum of Antiquities, the arts-loving king’s fascinating sculpture collection. The pieces are arranged just as they were during his reign, including their rather hot male nude centerpiece, Endymion.
Did you know this? Some facts about the Royal Palace:
- It has a little over 600 rooms
- It contains no less than five museums
- The changing of the guards that take place every day is a very popular event
- The entrance fee to the palace and all the museums are included in the Stockholm Card
- It’s haunted by a ghost called the White Lady…

Summer Cinema in Rålambshovsparken

From tonight and five evenings ahead, the Stockholm Film Festival arranges Summer Cinema in Rålambshovsparken. Bring friends, family, picnic and a blanket and choose from these movies:

Aug 13: Pulp Fiction, by Quentin Tarantino
Aug 14: The Darjeeling Limited, by Wes Anderson
Aug 15: Rust and bone, by Jacques Audiard
Aug 16: 12 years a slave, by Steve McQueen
Aug 17: Palo Alto, by Gia Coppola

What would you do with two days in Stockholm?

Have you entered our competition yet? If you describe what you would you do if you had two days to spend in Stockholm, you get the chance to win a weekend for two to Stockholm. Click here to let Stockholm Voices, ambassadors of the Stockholm LGBTQ community, inspire you! Enter the competition>>

Here’s some of the entries:

Tony from San Francisco:
“I would propose marriage to my partner and spend the days visiting the sites, especially the Vasa Museum and ABBA Museum and connecting with locals to experience true local culture, community and cuisine.”

Jane from London:
“Enjoy, explore, discover, eat, drink, laugh, walk, take photo’s , make videos, kiss, make love, sleep, massage, cartwheels, watch beautiful people, and be very happy and gay….”

Stewart from Manchester:
“Two days in Stockholm would see me in heaven! Meeting fabulous swedish friends! Enjoy drinks in Gamla Stan. Taking a boat to a different island. Shopping on sodermalm buying something funky and exploring the city on the amazing underground! I’d love to see the Midsommer festival! soak up the festival fun with the beautiful friendly and fun loving swedes! I’d love the chance to spend some time in stockholm. It really is the most vibrant modern european capital city! where everyone can have a fantastic time!”

Max from Leeds:
“I would bring my boyfriend to my favourite city in the world, Stockholm, and kiss him in every park, cafe, and restaurant we could find. Public affection is not something we have the privilege of doing in our own country because people stop and stare, calls us names, and even get violent. When I was in Stockholm for pride, gay people were kissing everywhere and people didn’t even blink. I want to show him what the world can be like when LGBT people have real freedom because I’m not sure he has ever experienced it.”

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Swimming in Stockholm

The waterways of Stockholm are not only beautiful to look at, they are so clean and clear you can take a dip right in the middle of town. There are not a lot of cities in the world that can make that claim! There are several lovely beaches to bask on and cliffs to jump from around the city. Here are a few examples:

This swimming beach at Rålambshov Park Beach is popular with families. Sun-worshipping Stockholmers choose neighboring Rålambshov Park instead.

Långholmens bad
Narrow beaches and several large rocks offer good swimming for the experienced. The green island of Långholmen is a popular destination for swimmers.

Saltsjöbadens Friluftsbad
Like a castle made of wood, this open-air bath house lies in the sea in the Stockholm suburb of Saltsjöbaden. The building was designed by architect Torben Grut in the early 1900s and is open during the summer.

A swimming beach in Frescati Hage at Brunnsviken in the Ekoparken park. There are also charming inlets and beaches near Haga Park for experienced swimmers. Walk or take the subway to the Universitetet station.

Experienced swimmers will enjoy swimming from the rocks with a view of Lake Mälaren. Take the green subway line to Kristineberg and walk along the water’s edge to the swimming area.

Fjäderholmarnas bad
Take a trip out to the swim-friendly rocks of Stockholm’s nearest archipelago island, only 25 minutes by boat from Slussen or Nybroplan.

Stockholm Pride Parade 2014

At 13:00 tomorrow, it’s finally time for the Stockholm Pride Parade! Last year, 60 000 participants walked in the parade and more than 600 000 people watched, cheered and danced along the parade route. This year will be no different, so come join the party!

The parade starts at Mariatorget then the route is Slussen – Skeppsbron – Kungsträdgårdsgatan – Hamngatan – Sergels torg – Sveavägen – Kungsgatan – Stureplan – Sturegatan and ends at Östermalms IP where the Pride Park is at.

More info: www.stockholmpride.org/en/Pride-Parad-2014/

Pride Park and Pride House

Pride Park
Pride Park takes place at Östermalms IP between July 30th and August 2nd, 2014. Pride Park is the oasis and the meeting place in the middle of the action.

Mixing clowns with opera singers, up-coming stars next to world famous artists. Pride Park is the place where you meet new and old friends, hang out, watch art, listen to writers and artists. The nights are filled with sparkling color and sound, and you will never want to leave. Read more>>

Pride House
Pride House situated at Kulturhuset/Stadsteatern in the heart of Stockholm, opens it’s doors to all from Monday the 28th of July to Friday the 1st of August. Pride House has something to offer all interested in politics and LGBTQ-culture. The chosen theme this year is every day life and that is exactly what will be exposed, discussed and debated at Pride House. Read more>>

Win a trip for two to Stockholm

Get the chance to win a trip for two to Stockholm. Fly SAS Scandinavian Airlines and stay 2 nights at stylish Nobis Hotel. The prize also includes Stockholm Cards for your stay.
Enter the competition>>

Stockholm is all about openness, diversity and respect and we are thrilled to launch our new campaign “We love Stockholm – will you?”. If you describe what you would you do if you had two days to spend in Stockholm, you get the chance to win a weekend for two to Stockholm. Let Stockholm Voices, ambassadors of the Stockholm LGBTQ community, inspire you! Stockholm Voices is a series of interviews with the people of Stockholm. Let them introduce you to their favorite places and things to do in our city.

July 28 – Aug 18.


Stockholm Voices: Jessy Heuvelink

Jessy Heuvelink, Head of Design at J.Lindeberg 

Who inspires you?
People on the street, animals and nature in general.
If you could spend an entire day in Stockholm with anyone in the world, who would you choose and what would you do?
The Late Alexander McQueen, I have always been a great admirer of his work. I would take a boat trip into the archipelago and eat a wonderful lunch at Fjäderholmarna, stroll around Djurgården, visit the modern museum, eat dinner at Shibumi and wander the streets of Gamla Stan at night.


What is your favorite neighborhood?
Gamla Stan at night after a summer rain shower, when the streets are empty and wet and the moonlight casting its spell over the fairytale buildings, its magical and inspiring.


What is the best area to take a walk?
It depends on what you are after. I love taking walks on Djurgården and enjoy nature. But I also like to browse the streets of SOFO, Södermalm with its small boutiques, interior design stores, vintage stores café’s and restaurants.


Favorite museum?
The Modern Museum. Besides the amazing exhibitions I also love their amazing bookstore.


Best spot for coffee and something sweet?
Depending on the season but summer times that has to be my favorite hang out spot

of all times Mälarpaviljongen. This floating garden overlooking lake Mälaren and the bridge Västerbron is a pure Stockholm gem.


Best lunch spot?
I like to stay with the classics and Sturehof never disappoints.


What restaurant do you take your partner to?
At the moment I am totally in love with Shibumi, Tokyo, NYC and Stockholm all in one..!


What is a good host/hostess gift?
You can never go wrong with Scented candles, Byredo, or Cire Trudon with their amazing green glass and gold foil label are to die for!


What’s the best bar in Stockholm?
I am not so much of a Bar kind of guy but I like to hang out at Bernies with its cool mix of people and international vibe.


What’s your favorite store in Stockholm?
I love NK, the best under one roof and especially the interior department is a must visit!


Best Swedish artist?
I am a big fan of ROBYN, so innovative and inspiring.


Last but not least, what are you proud of as a Stockholmer? Or when are you proud to be a Stockholmer?
Every morning when I cycle to work, early in the morning. I cycle towards The royal palace, I see this magnificent building moving towards me, the ever present water and the morning sun in my face. This always makes me extremely happy and glad to be living in Stockholm

Stockholm voices: Cinema Queer Int Film Festival

Cinema Queer Photo: Christian Hagward

Cinema Queer International Film Festival is the largest queer film festival in Sweden. It was founded by Oscar Eriksson and Melissa Lindgren who has worked in culture for a number of years in different projects. Melissa Lindgren is the program director at Tempo documentary festival and Oscar Eriksson is working at Folkets Bio, one of the main art house distributors in Sweden.


Who inspires you?
All the queer-activists in Stockholm who have and still are making this city into what it is. From the golden ladies to the new young generation of queers. We see them every day, we work with them and we party with them, they make up such an important part of Stockholm and they never stops inspiring us.


If you could spend an entire day in Stockholm with anyone in the world, who would you choose and what would you do?
We would like to sit down for a dinner with Judith Butler, have a drink with Margret Choo and go out dancing with Beyoncé.


What is your favorite neighborhood?
It is always hard to narrow it down to one, Stockholm has many fantastic neighborhoods. But if we have to pick one we would pick Hornstull. The area in the very outskirts of Södermalm has during the last 10 years transformed from a quite sleepy area, a bit rough around the corners, to a place with the most brilliant cafés, bars and restaurants. This area harbors one of Stockholm most important queer-institutions – Copacabana, a café that has been a queer mekka for many many years. It was also in this area where the legendary book store Hallongrottan was, where the feminist magazine Bang has it’s office and much more. All of this has made Hornstull in what it is today – a very queer- friendly and fun area to be in.


What is the best area to take a walk?
The area between Örnsberg to Bredäng, a fantastic walk along the water, during the summer you can take a break, take a swim in the water and continue your walk. Along the way you will find some of Stockholms true gems, cafés that are more or less hidden for people who don´t know that they exist. Café Lyran and Udd Villan are two amazing stops along the way that cant be missed!


Favorite museum?
It always comes down to the exhibitions that are on, always keep an eye on Moderna museet (Museum of modern art) but don´t miss the smaller galleries and the pop-up exhibitions in the suburbs of Stockholm. Konsthall C in Hökarängen, Tensta konsthall are always interesting and check what new is going on at Konstfack (The University College of Art, Crafts and Design in Telefonplan).


Best spot for coffee and something sweet?
Copacabana in Hornstull and Lisas café in Sofo are two of the best places for a something sweet. Copacabana still has a steady queer crowd coming and at Lisas you will find cheap and really nice sweets.


Best lunch spot?
All around Hornstull new lunch spots has popped up the last few years, in the new mall you will find Aki Sushi, one of the best sushi spots in Stockholm, Bejing 8 has great dumplings and at Babel deli on Långholmsgatan you can find affordable Libanesse food!


What restaurant do you take your partner to?
Barbro in Hornstull has turned into our favorite spot the last few years, both for a drink (some of the bests in town), a dinner with a partner or a movie – it all works at Barbro. Great food, great staff and really nice atmosphere!


What is a good host/hostess gift?
The Swedish hipster loves anything original from your country. A micro-brewed beer, some nice cheese or maybe some other food – it all works!


What’s the best bar in Stockholm?
Once again we have to say Barbro, it really is our favorite spot it Stockholm! You can come when the place open at 5 or at 5 minutes before it closes around 1 and you will always find a nice crowd. The bar downstairs sometimes turns into a cinema, sometimes a club!


What’s your favorite store in Stockholm?
We are obsessed with thrift shops and the favorite one (a hidden gem) is Humana at Timmermansgatan. You can get your self a new dirdel, a pair of 80-ies shoes or why not a ball gown!


Best Swedish artist?
There are a lot of new Swedish hip hop women breaking at the moment, Lilla Namo and Silvana Imam are two really interesting Swedish artists that we really like!


Last but not least, what are you proud of as a Stockholmer? Or when are you proud to be a Stockholmer?
We are proud to be Stockholmer when we see the streets fills up with queers and feminists, during Pride and during first of May. When tens of thousands gather at a football field out in a suburb to protest against racism and when ordinary people take things in their own hands, come together and try and make a change. We are proud to be Stockholmers when we see a Swedish feminist party being voted in to the European parliament and we are proud when when we see how solidarity is growing for each day.