LGBT hotspot: Mälarpaviljongen

Put on your sunglasses and enjoy the alluring April sun at Mälarpaviljonen, one of the best places in Stockholm to enjoy this fantastic season. Overlooking Lake Mälaren this is a cosy, green haven where you can chill out over a glass of wine, sea food spring lunch or just enjoy a coffee & cake after a pleasant walk along Norr Mälarstrand Promenade.

Mälarpaviljongen was listed in Gold Standard Restaurants 2013 by Condé Nast Traveller.

“Laid-back and peaceful during the day, and utterly magical as the sun sets over the water, it ups the tempo in the evening and stays hopping until the small hours.” Condé Nast Traveller.

This is the place if you are looking for an atmospheric, cozy local restaurant and high-spirited bar with great music and people. It also happens to one of the hottest LGBT spots in town!

Open everyday April – September

The Swedish Royal Opera in collaboration with designer Bea Szenfeld

If you’ve watched the music video for Lady Gaga’s G.U.Y. you’ve probably noticed the fantastic paper creations worn in the video. The paper creations are made by none other than Swedish designer Bea Szenfeld whose spring collection of ‘Haute Papier’ is entirely handmade.

Now the Swedish Royal Opera collaborates with the same designer. Bea Szenfeld has dressed 10 of the artists in the spring program at the Royal Opera. The photos are taken by photographer Karolina Henke.


Baby Dee in Stockholm

“When I first heard DEE’s music, it was like discovering a miracle. I couldn’t believe that this musician was able to get to the feeling again and again and again. It was like the perfect music I had always been longing to hear.” – ANDREW W.K.

One of the industry’s most flamboyant musical discoveries of the last decade, Baby Dee is an enchanting song writer, classically trained harpist, circus sideshow veteran, and transgender street legend.

Baby Dee’s style in music is as unique as it is immune against classification, but feel free to call it “Art Song” if you are in need of a category.

In funny, grotesque, serious and sad lyrics her main topic is love. Her voice varies from soft, fragile, almost breathy to shrill, lilting, longing and powerful tones.

Don’t miss her play at Kägelbanan, April 10.

New gay clubs in Stockholm

Check out Candy at Le Bon Palais at Barnhusgatan 12 each Friday. Kicking off at 11pm and partying on through to 4am, this clubnight has 3 different dance floors, 4 bars and stage shows featuring local drag celebrities and popular artists. The music varies from RnB, 80s and 90s hits, hit-house and dance. For a local flavor, the basement plays schlager and Europop. They guarantee a “hands in the air party” every night.

Located close to trendy Stureplan at Kungsgatan 15 Wonk is allegedly the place to party it up and have a great time in Stockholm – with sexy bartenders and hosts, good vibes and a totally up for it, good looking crowd. Open Friday and Saturday 22- 03. Two dancefloors, housemusic in the basement with a lot of famous guest djs, Pop, Disco and RnB on the top floor. This place welcomes all genders and orientations.

Fresh on the Stockholm scene is weekly club night Switch, whose philosophy is “Whoever you are, whatever turns you on.” Weekly, every Saturday night, this club believes everyone should be equally welcome, with mixed musical styles for everyone to enjoy. And with mixed music comes a mixed up vibe, with gay guys and lesbian women partying it up together.

Wild Wednesday GLORY
Are you GAY on Wednesdays?
Whether you’re feeling danceable, in the mood for a drink and just wanna hang in the bar or shake it like there’s no tomorrow; GLORY is the place for you! Vocal house and moderns remixes of popular hits in a nice blend with RnB, 80s and 90s booty-shakers, high and low!

Stockholm Voices: Robert Fux

Robert Fux is a Swedish actor and drag personality. Born in Sweden but with Austrian heritage. He is seen in numerous productions and roles in the Stockholm City Theatre, this season spanning from the monologue role ”Orlando” by Virginia Wolff to playing the monstrous Captain Nemo in ”Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea” by Jules Verne. Apart from hosting several nightclubs in town, Robert has previously years also been the official pride parade presenter for Stockholm Pride and a recurring performer in the varieties and burlesques on the Stockholm underground scene.


Who inspires you?
I meet so many fantastic people who inspire me every day with their passion, drive and big hearts. But if i had to name only one I would praise the outstanding performer and artist Leigh Bowery for his total outrageousness, visual explosions and hardcore norm criticism. A true inspiration for body and mind!

If you could spend an entire day in Stockholm with anyone in the world, who would you choose and what would you do?
Why not a sunny summer day and a boat trip to the archipelago islands with The Annie Lennox? Well, I wouldn’t say no! I could bring a nice picnic, two fishing rods and a pen for the autograph.

The archipelago is a really great and easy accessible with superior wildlife and nature just around the corner from the city pulse. We would start the day swimming, discussing and sunbathing and in the evening we go with our boat right into the center of the town and end the night with some nice cocktails and party!

What is your favorite neighborhood?
Stockholm is a big city, and visitors can’t miss all the water and nature. It’s a truly unique opportunity to swim or catch salmons surrounded by bars, shops and houses in the center of the city. But only fifteen minutes away with the subway you find Skärholmen, a suburb boiling with energy and impressions. Not so often mentioned in tourist brochures.

Built in the 60’s with big modernistic ideals and royal blessings, it gives another interesting perspective of the city. Here the concrete, steel and nature blend well together, and the big square with the fountains are surrounded by shops from all over the world where people meet, talk and interact. It’s a lively, intense and great place for gathering, shopping and discovering more sides of Stockholm.

What is the best area to take a walk?
My best tip to experience Stockholm is actually to get totally lost! Just stroll, walk, wander, cycle or roll in any preferred direction and see where you end up. Dare yourself and the reward will be unknown areas, exciting places, and memorable experiences.

Stockholm is big, safe and beautiful, and every area has its own charm. And no worry – wherever you end up, you can use your English and your beautiful smile for an easy return. So throw your map away and let your inner curiosity take you around instead!

Favorite museum?
There are great museums all around and for all tastes, but I would suggest Spritmuseum, The museum of Spirits, at Djurgården. It takes you through the Swedish alcohol history, and has a fantastic restaurant, English tours and the famous Absolut Art collection with original works by Warhol, Keith Haring and many others. I’m also a part of the museum with a video art piece where I’m doing eight different famous characters in a temporary exhibition about the Swedish club history. Don’t miss it!

Best spot for coffee and something sweet?
I would say Chokladkoppen in The Old Town, a small cozy gay cafe in the historic quarters where I actually started my career many years ago as a young and quite lazy waiter. It’s still running, with a great outdoor area and has nowadays a fantastic staff. Try the white chocolate cheesecake, it’s divine.

Best lunch spot?
Go to Torget in the Old Town or Sidetrack at Södermalm. Both places offer great food to reasonable prices, have a large gay following and nice drinks, music and a high flirt factor! Why choose when you can have both, is my motto!

What restaurant do you take your partner to?
My beloved partner is at the moment called Helena. Helena Rubinstein that is, and he is a great and magic little concealer that i keep close to me all the time.

The best restaurant and hang around place in summer is without a doubt Mälarpaviljongen, a big and legendary floating garden filled with flowers, gay people, drinks and fab food. It’s a MUST. Just like my partner Helena who hangs out there a lot with me.

What is a good host/hostess gift?
Flowers, cured ham or good-looking single friends.

What’s the best pre-party music?
Easy. The Knife of course! Or Gnucci, Carmen Miranda, Moderat, Blümchen or Doris.

What’s the best bar in Stockholm?
There are many great bars in Stockholm. Many have great outdoor views from the rooftops and terraces where you can see the city from above and how the sun slowly sets.

I like the surroundings almost as much as the drinks, so walk around and find venues high up like Mosebacke, Sjöfartshotellet, Kulturhustaket, Berns cocktailbar or just find some nicely situated cliffs at the city island Långholmen where you can enjoy some picnic wine and a little cruising as dessert.

What’s your favorite store in Stockholm?
The big department store NK is not to miss, but there are thousands of nice boutiques all around the town. Ask around for popup stores and temporary flea markets and you will easily find the greatest garments, outfits and accessories for your nightclubbing drag persona!

Last but not least, what are you proud of as a Stockholmer? Or when are you proud to be a Stockholmer?
Most of all I like the mix of people here, the many influences and the boiling tank of different ideas, creativity and expressions. Stockholm is bigger and more multilayered than most visitors get to see. It has more than the famous water, nature and old houses in the Old Town. It’s really divers, unexpected and ever changing. Try us!

Meanwhile at the Vasa Museum

Meanwhile is an exhibition that sheds light on events around the globe in the first half of the 17th century.

In 1628, when Vasa is built and sinks, the world is a place where large ships sail across the oceans and the world map takes shape. People travel and connect both willingly and unwillingly. Contacts are formed over continents. Ideas, goods and diseases spread. Conflicts arise.

Meanwhile – in another place, shows fragments of events from this world. 

Beneath a tree in the Chinese capital city, the Emperor takes his life. An Indian princess dies after having delivered her 14th child. In the midst of the burning war at La Rochelle, a soldier remembers the scent of his newborn daughter. In the Russian Taiga, a serf has run away to escape his master. A widow crosses a yard on the Westman Islands, her keys dangling from her hip. 

The stories are small pieces of a great mosaic from times characterised by the meetings of civilisations. Meetings that change the world.

Read more about the exhibition at

The Stockholm Syndrome and Nobis Hotel

Did you know that the term Stockholm Syndrome comes from a bank robbery in Stockholm in 1973 when the hostages sided with the hostage takers? The drama took place at the bank Kreditbanken, which today is the Nobis Hotel.

Nobis Hotel is a contemporary luxury hotel and its understated modern elegance is spread over two 19th century buildings. Just steps from some of the city’s best shopping, dining and entertainment options, it’s an excellent choice for discerning travelers of both the business and pleasure ilk.

Nobis Hotel
Norrmalmstorg 2-4, +46 8 566 322 00

The Stockholm City Museum

The Stockholm City Museum covers the city’s cultural past and present. The Museum is responsible for preserving some 300,000 items of historical interest; 20,000 works of art, 3,000 oil paintings, 3 million photographs and a comprehensive library and archive.

You may explore the photographs at digitala Stadsmuseet, a digital database (in Swedish). The museum has been collecting photographs with Stockholm connections since the 1930s. The oldest photographs date back to the 1840s.

Other things to do at the Stockholm City Museum: Pose with Rose the Poodle, the museum’s bright pink mascot, then grab a guide for a “Millennium Walking Tour” to catch highlights of Stieg Larson’s world from The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo or sign-up for frequent gay heritage city walks and boat trips.

The Royal Opera House

Kungliga Operan has been the Swedish national venue for opera and ballet since January 18, 1773. You can visit Kungliga Operan as a member of the audience at one of the performances or take a guided tour. On the tour, you will have the opportunity to look backstage, visit the royal rooms, and peer down into the orchestra pit. Learn about the fascinating history of Kungliga Operan and get a glimpse of what backstage life is like today. Read more at

Registration is now open for EuroGames Stockholm 2015

Today EuroGames Stockholm launches their official website and opens up the registration form for participants. When Stockholm is hosting EuroGames 2015, participants from Europe and all around the world can take part in over 25 different sports including football, swimming, athletics, table tennis, roller derby and a solid cultural and political program.

- The preparations for EuroGames Stockholm are in full swing and it feels fantastic that we today are launching our website and registration form for one of the world’s largest LGBTQ events, an event that is open for all and will be one of the biggest happenings in Stockholm, Sweden in 2015, says Jakob Jansson, President EuroGames Stockholm.

Link to the registration form:

EuroGames is one of the world’s largest LGBTQ-event, founded by the European Gay and Lesbian Sport Federation (EGLSF) in 1992 to work against discrimination, encourage integration and promote and support the right to practice sport regardless of sexuality.

EuroGames Stockholm is a sports, cultural and political event which will take place between 5th to 9th of August 2015. The event encourage participation from everyone — regardless of sexual orientation, race, gender, religion, nationality, ethnic origin, political beliefs, athletic or artistic ability, age, physical challenge or health status. The goal is to offer a safe environment for LGBTQ competitors and participants.

For information, news and updates follow Team EuroGames Stockholm via: