Where to go for a fika in Stockholm


A block from busy Odenplan, on a quiet corner, you’ll find Café Pascal. In January Café Pascal won the prestigious Gulddraken award for best café in Stockholm. Great coffee and the sandwiches with shrimp or porchetta are not to be missed!



Café Chokladkoppen in the heart of the Old Town was one of the first openly LGBT friendly establishments in Stockholm. Located at idyllic Stortorget Square, not far from the Royal Palace in the medieval Old Town. Exquisite sandwiches and pastries, and in summer a popular alfresco section.

Watch and celebrate the Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm


For many Swedes the Eurovision is something special. With ABBA’s Waterloo in memory we consider ourselves to be the true schlager nation :). (The Swedish national competition is Europe’s biggest.) So if you’re visiting Stockholm this weekend make sure to be ready for Eurovision mania. Why not start your night at Torget or Sidetrack where they will be showing the competition live as it all happens. Then head to the MEGA ESC PARTY or the ESC Afterparty at Wonk and celebrate whoever wins.

Have an amazing Eurovision weekend and let’s hope Swedish Måns Zelmerlöw will be the winner!


The Stockholm Syndrome + Nobis Hotel

Did you know that the term Stockholm Syndrome comes from a bank robbery in Stockholm in 1973 when the hostages sided with the hostage takers? The drama took place at the bank Kreditbanken, which today is the Nobis Hotel.

Nobis Hotel is a contemporary luxury hotel and its understated modern elegance is spread over two 19th century buildings. Just steps from some of the city’s best shopping, dining and entertainment options, it’s an excellent choice for both the business and pleasure traveler.

Nobis Hotel
Norrmalmstorg 2-4, +46 8 566 322 00

Midsummer in Stockholm

Let’s talk Midsummer! Many of you have trips to Stockholm planned for that weekend, June 19-21, and are asking how to join in the festivities.

First of all, read about what Midsummer is and how we celebrate it here http://sweden.se/traditions/midsummer/. Skansen has the biggest celebrations, but there are Maypoles risen in many parks around town. A really nice thing to do is to go out to the archipelago and take part in festivities there. The islands of Sandhamn, Grinda and Vaxholm will have official celebrations on Midsummers Eve (June 19).

Stockholmers tend to desert the city for their country houses, so visitors have a lot of space to themselves Expect some shops, museums and restaurants to be closed, but many are open, so finding things so do and eat is not impossible.

It’s a really nice holiday and if you have booked a trip here on that weekend you are lucky.



The QX gay gala award winning party planner Gunn Lundemo have been planning for this party for a LONG time and is finally making it real. “It’s time to do something extraordinary for the Swedish LGBT scene and for the international pride visitors.”


The party will take place in the biggest nightclub of Stockholm, located in Tele 2 arena. 4 dance floors, more than 30 DJs, live performances, drag shows, dancers, confetti bombs and visuals. It will be a magical night!

Attend the event for more info: https://www.facebook.com/events/1005496782813476 

Suggestion for an afternoon in Stockholm


Visit Bergianska Trädgården, the Bergius Botanic Garden and Park. A paradise for plants enthusiasts with thousands of trees, shrubs and herbs from around the world. Then head to Gamla Orangeriet for a fika. Such a beautiful place! Subway station: Universitetet.

On your way back, make sure to stop at the subway station Stadion to take some pictures of the beatiful platform.


Bistro by Adam


Bistro by Adam is an Italy-inspired, good-value restaurant with generous opening hours. The customers are a mixed crowd, but the place is extra popular in gay circles. Here you can eat most of the day’s meals. The decor style is pure in black, white and checkered. Downstairs the bistro offers an amiable evening hang-out where exciting Italian drinks are blended with a selection of coffees and cocktails.

Walpurgis Eve and a crazy gay hat parade


There is lots to do in Stockholm this weekend. On Thursday we celebrate Walpurgis in Sweden, which is marked by a very traditional Spring festival with singing and lighting of bonfires. There are a few places in Stockholm where visitors can view this tradition in action. One of the best places to be for Walpurgis is at Skansen.

Check out QX GayMap for the clubs and events taking place this weekend.

The weekend culminates in a crazy gay hat parade on Sunday. The parade starts at 15:00 from Kungsholmstorg and goes along the Norr Mälarstrand promenade to the Mälarpaviljongen, where a jury will nominate the parade’s most beautiful hat!

Stockholm Culture Night


On 25th of April Stockholm Culture Night rolls out the purple carpet and culturists throughout the city stand united offering a buffet of art, music and dance to celebrate Stockholm’s cultural diversity.

Lose yourself in a breathtaking ballet performance, dance your heart out to the fresh sounds of a up-and-coming DJ and see live music performances and exiting exhibitions. The event consists of over 400 events and countless participants.

You can find the program in English here.

Free admission.

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For years now, Stockholm has not only become a favorite destination of the tourist in search of the latest trends, culture, fashion, design, music, entertainment, good food and relaxing atmospheres, it has also become a favorite spot for gays and lesbians who want more than just a neighborhood with gay-friendly bars. Some people say that if there was ever a capital city designed by gay people for gay people to enjoy, Stockholm would be it!

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