New gay and lesbian bars and restaurants in Stockholm


Bitter Pills
A newly opened meeting place for queers and lesbians in the hipster-dense Hornstull. The atmosphere in the bar is relaxed and the decor is simple with kitsch details. Take the opportunity to try a creative drink from the inhouse-composed drinks list. For food, Bitter Pills offers ssäm, a Korean dish that is eaten in leaves, and on Saturdays they serve brunch. The owners are well-known in LGBT circles as they have previously run the popular lesbian bar Roxy.

Photo: Christian G_Stockholm Pride

The Secret Garden
A homely restaurant and gay bar based in a rustic 17th century house in the Old Town. Sit down under a street light in the cozy, glass-covered inner courtyard, with a great-value cocktail or a glass of wine. The menu is mixed and the dishes are well-made. The Secret Garden is open throughout the year and suits those looking for a quieter alternative to the city’s night clubs. DJ during the weekend. Read more>>


Bistro by Adam
Bistro by Adam is an Italy-inspired, good-value restaurant with generous opening hours. The customers are a mixed crowd, but the place is extra popular in gay circles. Here you can eat most of the day’s meals. The decor style is pure in black, white and checkered. Downstairs the bistro offers an amiable evening hang-out where exciting Italian drinks are blended with a selection of coffees and cocktails.

Two hotels in central Stockholm

Hotel Skeppsholmen Rum
Hotel Skeppsholmen. On a peaceful and lush island in the middle of the bustling city lies a more than 300 year old house. This rural setting is the home of award winning Hotel Skeppsholmen, a modern and eco-friendly hot spot situated on the waterfront. The hotel has 81 rooms to offer and a popular restaurant – and because modern design permeates throughout the hotel the staff’s work uniforms are sponsored by the Swedish brand Acne.

Hotel Skeppsholmen, Gröna Gången 1, +46 8 407 23 00


Hotel Hellsten is like those classic gumball machines you can find at Supermarkets: all the colors of the rainbow, something for all taste buds – and really, really sweet. From the jazz nights in the bar and the exquisite conservatory used as breakfast room to the individually decorated rooms with specially designed beds that will improve your sleep – this hotel is perfect for everyone in search of impeccably good taste.

Hotel Hellsten, Luntmakargatan 68, +46 8 661 86 00

Find your special place in Stockholm’s fika jungle




Business people
Wienercaféet, Östermalm: This café takes its inspiration from Paris and Vienna, and visitors can see how the baked goods are made. The central location on one of Stockholm’s most exclusive streets attracts many businesspeople.

The rainbow family
Vurma on Kungsholmen: A colorfully decorated café with a wonderfully cozy atmosphere. Popular among people on parental leave.

Tures in Sturegallerian, Östermalm: A popular café and restaurant with a Mediterranean feel. You’ll have to fight for a seat on the cozy outdoor terrace in summertime.

Pom & Flora on Södermalm: This is the place to check out the latest in fashion and spot a few celebrities. Of course, you can take home the delightful sourdough bread.

Vetekatten, Norrmalm: One of the most classic places to fika in Stockholm, with roots dating back to the 1920s. Vetekatten is divided into several areas: there is a bakery with savory breads, lunch and sandwiches for take-out, and a genuine coffee house where visitors can have a seat.

Weekend plans


Finally Friday. Here are three tips on what to in Stockholm this weekend:

Sónar Stockholm
This is an event for those who truly seek a special music experience by those performing it.

The top Nordic Antiques Fair
Antikmässan – the annual highlight for lovers of antiques and interior design.

Bitcoin Funfair
Bitcoin Funfair is a market, exhibition, music & arts event, deli, a theater as well as a fun tech show, but above all a warm and delightful way to spend this weekend!


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The Thiel Gallery

Flottans badhus Eugène Jansson

The Thiel Gallery is a museum filled with turn-of-the-century Nordic art. The building was created for the banker and art collector Ernest Thiel and his family, and stands on the Blockhusudden headland in the beautiful district of Djurgården. Symbolism and national romanticism are on display here in a contemporary setting, in the form of works by among others Anders Zorn, Eugène Jansson, Carl Larsson and Edvard Munch.
360 (2)exterior_vinter_TG_Tord

New exhibition: Veronica Nygren
31 January – 31 May 2015

Veronica Nygren (1940-2006) had the ability to weave an entire world into her art. She filled it with everyday experiences and political awareness, with knowledge about Swedish crafts traditions and global influences, in a vibrant dialogue with art history and contemporary art. Nygren indefatigably put the potential of textiles to the test. Today, she stands out as a regenerator of textile art and design in post-war Sweden. Read more>>

Simmerskan,1962 foto: Veronica Nygren


Shopping in Stockholm


Stockholm is a great place for shopping, and a perfect place to discover that Swedish fashion and design is so much more than skinny jeans and strangely named bookshelves from Ikea.

Different parts of the city offer different styles and designs. Visit Östermalm and indulge in tons of luxury shopping from Biblioteksgatan and eastwards, where you can find designer Efva Attlings new flagship jewelry store – or march straight to Södermalm, the “hipstified” bohemian part of the city and drown yourself in vintage and second hand shopping.

In the very city center you’ll find Stockholm’s premier department store NK, Nordiska Kompaniet. NK is world renowned for its hig-quality products and famous brands. Founded in 1915, NK is the oldest department store in Sweden. At NK you’ll find individual boutiques selling Hermès and Mulberry products, as well as Swedish brands like Filippa K and Acne.

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Two hotels in central Stockholm

When in Stockholm you have to stay in style close to chic shops, trendy bars and fabulous nightlife! These two hotels are members of the Stockholm Gay & Lesbian Network and located in the city center.

Dance the night away at the club in the basement, eat at one of the two restaurants or go see a concert – all under the same roof. This chic art deco hotel has a lot to offer and attracts celebrities like Noomi Rapace, Bill Gates, Rihanna and Dalai Lama.

With majestic decor and stunning chandeliers, Berns offer you an exclusive environment located in an anonymous alley right in the heart of Stockholm.

Näckströmsgatan 8, +46 8 566 322 00

Nothing says good service as much as a hotel that looks to your every need. When a guest asked to have 19 white bear pelts delivered to his room, Sheraton hotel of course arranged it. The guest? The famous artist Prince of course. This five-star hotel is located in the very heart of Stockholm. After sleeping in one of the hotel’s 465 rooms, with their distinct Scandinavian design, you begin to understand why one guest stayed here for 25 years – in a row. Don’t miss Sheraton’s Fitness Center, the hotels gym, sauna and massage.

Tegelbacken 6, 46-8-412 34 00

Bitter Pills – new bar in Hornstull


Things are happening in Hornstull, on the western tip of Södermalm. Restaurants, bars, and shops are opening one after the other, around the newly built mall and along the waterfront. The latest addition is the lesbian owned bar Bitter Pills. A place where everyone is welcome. Cosy and great service! Plus, all the drinks have hilarious names!

Bitter Pills
Address: Verkstadsgatan 4, Subway station: Hornstull
Monday – Thursday: 11-23
Friday – Sunday: 11-00