Combine great shopping and design with lunch, tea or dinner

If you’d like to combine great shopping and design with lunch, tea or dinner we have three suggestions on where to go.

Grandpa on Kungsholmen – Scandinavian fashion and design in the same space as the restaurant and bar Sixten & Frans.


Svenskt Tenn – A classic interior design company with its flagship store on the shoreline boulevard Strandvägen with a tea room.


Snickarbacken 7 – a café, art gallery and concept store all in one space.

Stockholm in 24 hours


Visiting Stockholm for one day? Here is our suggestion on things to do to get the most out of your stay:Start by visiting the City Hall. In this beautiful building the Nobel Banquet is held every year, and from the tower you get a wonderful view over the entire city.


Proceed to Gamla Stan, Stockholm’s oldest district and one of the best-preserved medieval city centers in the world. Walk through the winding streets lined with stores full of handicrafts, antiques and art galleries. Stop at the cozy café Chokladkoppen, the first gay café in Stockholm. The Royal Palace and Stockholm Cathedral are also in Gamla Stan.


To experience Stockholm from the water, hop aboard a sightseeing boat and let it take you for a tour. To get a cultural injection, don’t miss the Vasa Museum on the green island of Djurgården and the Abba Museum close by. For dinner, take the Djurgården ferry to Slussen and Södermalm where you´ll find a great selection of restaurants.



Shopping in Stockholm


Stockholm is a great place for shopping, and a perfect place to discover that Swedish fashion and design is so much more than skinny jeans and strangely named bookshelves from Ikea.

Different parts of the city offer different styles and designs. Visit Östermalm and indulge in tons of luxury shopping from Biblioteksgatan and eastwards, where you can find designer Efva Attlings new flagship jewelry store – or march straight to Södermalm, the “hipstified” bohemian part of the city and drown yourself in vintage and second hand shopping.

In the very city center you’ll find Stockholm’s premier department store NK, Nordiska Kompaniet. NK is world renowned for its hig-quality products and famous brands. Founded in 1915, NK is the oldest department store in Sweden. At NK you’ll find individual boutiques selling Hermès and Mulberry products, as well as Swedish brands like Filippa K and Acne.

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Stockholm is brimming with art. Some of it rather queer in nature. For a great example, look no further than the lovely Millesgården, a stunning outdoor array of the often homoerotic works by Sweden’s foremost sculptor, Carl Milles, located on the clifftop grounds of his former home, with smashing views of Lake Värtan and central Stockholm beyond.

tuukka_ervasti-millesgarden-2231 tuukka_ervasti-millesgarden-2251

Moxy goes nightclub, January 30!


Moxy goes nightclub, January 30!

Moxy offers parties throughout the year, which often pull in thousands of women of all ages and types. Moxy believes that behind every successful party is a collection of good DJs, so make sure to wear your dancing shoes!

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Two lesbian and gay bars and restaurants in Stockholm


Bitter Pills
A meeting place for queers and lesbians in the hipster-dense Hornstull. The atmosphere in the bar is relaxed and the decor is simple with kitsch details. Take the opportunity to try a creative drink from the inhouse-composed drinks list. For food, Bitter Pills offers ssäm, a Korean dish that is eaten in leaves, and on Saturdays they serve brunch. The owners are well-known in LGBT circles as they have previously run the popular lesbian bar Roxy.

Photo: Christian G_Stockholm Pride

The Secret Garden
A homely restaurant and gay bar based in a rustic 17th century house in the Old Town. Sit down under a street light in the cozy, glass-covered inner courtyard, with a great-value cocktail or a glass of wine. The menu is mixed and the dishes are well-made. The Secret Garden is open throughout the year and suits those looking for a quieter alternative to the city’s night clubs. DJ during the weekend. Read more>>



Gay and lesbian clubs, restaurants and bars in Stockholm


Where to go for the best gay and lesbian clubs, restaurants and bars in Stockholm?
Stockholm has no gay enclave as such, but gay and gay-friendly establishments are scattered throughout the city and rainbow flags fly high in many of Stockholm’s central districts. But the greatest concentration of gay bars and clubs is to be found in two areas: the trendy Södermalm district and Gamla Stan, Stockholm’s Old Town, one of the best-kept medieval cities in the world.

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